The Power of Persistence – Make it or Break it!

So few people realize that starting a business and keeping up with it and its growth doesn’t require an awful lot of expertise. What it does require is one personality trait or skill if you can call it that. Persistence is the answer to everything in your life. If you want something you can get it as long as you stick to it. Perhaps this doesn’t apply to the person you love that doesn’t love you back but it does apply to nearly everything else you run into during your limited life on earth.

Giving up is so easy

You can find a thousand reasons why you should give up today. The easiest being, but what I’m doing clearly doesn’t work, I’ve been spending months on this and the results just don’t come in. At such time it’s important to be honest with yourself, do you really get zero results or do you get the results but it’s not what you were hoping for? If it’s the latter you should stick to it because you do get results and work on how to transform those results into actual sales.

The missing piece

You get results but no sales. Clearly, there is a piece missing from this puzzle because why do they decide not to do business with you? Do your competitors do a better job at a lower price? Did you forget to point out the flaws of your competitors? More often than not the missing piece if your unique selling point, UTP like they abbreviate it. Another important factor is the audience that you are targeting, maybe they want your service, hence all the inquiries but they simply can’t afford it.

This appears to be something I’m struggling with myself these days, I’m targeting starters that get scared off by the high costs involved so in my niche marketing, instead of targeting the wannabe affiliate marketers I should focus on companies that can afford my services, like lawyers, dentists, contractors, lead generators and so forth.

A key role for automation

Yes, once you have all things set in place perhaps you could use some help from tools that automate the process for you if you’re active on Instagram I highly recommend this guide: They review bots and managed services for Instagram so that you don’t have to perform all those tedious tasks by hand as it can get rather boring. That way you will have more time to refine your sales funnel and refocus on your demographics while at the same time improving your product, and thanks to this little time-saver you can have a profitable business.