Thou Shall Give & Thou Shall Receive

The age-old saying and in modern society, this doesn’t always hold up all too well so the featured image we added to this post pretty much sums up this whole post as there are a lot of freebie seekers out there that will only profit over the back of others and never give anything in return, but hey, we can live with that can’t we?

We’re not always talking about products to give away btw, it works much better when you share your knowledge with the world at no charge. People will appreciate this and when they ever need a service like yours they will think of you because you helped them out, and with a little luck, they don’t copy what you are doing but actually purchase your service.

I see this at my own site right now where we offer guest posts for sale, I send out an email to all my potential clients, or better said registered users, and I receive multiple requests to send the full list, only to never hear from them again. They might even decide to start selling guest posts themselves or close deals directly with the sites in question.

I mean that’s fine of course because we negotiated the best prices anyway so there is little chance they get the exact same deal/prices we get but it shows that giving and getting is not always in balance.

Despite everything it will set you down as an authority in your niche, by continuous giving and never asking anything in return you can build quite a business empire, just make sure you keep it in line and don’t start spending fortunes on these free type of promotion as otherwise, it could cost you more than you get back due to all those leechers.

On a micro scale, you can see this at Instagram and Twitter as well, you follow them but they hardly ever follow you back. Well, that’s not entirely true about 10% does follow you back if your account looks semi-decent but once again the balance is missing.

That’s why it’s sometimes wise to take fate in your own hands and automate this process, over at Jonathon Spire they will teach you how to do that. This way you won’t spend your precious time on something where you get little in return of value so it’s definitely worth considering if you ask me.